ClearView History

Clearview 401K Consultants, Inc was founded because of a strong desire to clear up the murky waters of retirement plan fees, particularly within 401(k) plans.  When we started out in the early 2000’s, many small to medium sized 401(k) plans were in bad shape!  Oftentimes, plan fees were outrageous, and many business owners didn’t realize it.  The stock market was doing so well at the time that internal, well-hidden 401k fees were flying under the radar.  We saw many of those same companies utilizing financial advisors who did not specialize in 401(k) plans.  They collected upfront finder’s fees, as well as generous ongoing compensation, while not offering much value in return.  On top of this, most of them were not acting in a fiduciary capacity, so all of the liability fell on the plan sponsor.  Fast forward to today, and even with increased government regulations, we find that many small to medium sized 401K plans are still represented by underqualified financial advisors who are charging too much and offering too little.

Clearview 401(k) Consultants, Inc was formed as an independent registered investment advisory firm.  We can take on a 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary role to reduce your liability and eliminate conflicts of interest when it comes to our recommendations.  Beyond that, we are true advocates for helping your employees reach a successful retirement through technology and a hands-on approach.